Aboriginal Services

The Greater Nanaimo Early Years Partnership (GNEYP) recognizes the traditional territory of the Coast Salish nations, upon whose territory we work, live and play.

First Nations Health Authority Early Years Resources

In recognition of the traditional, cultural parenting practices of our Aboriginal communities and families, Credit Union funding allowed us to print Aboriginal childhood health and wellness resources.  Through a partnership with the First Nations Health Authority (FNHA), Success By 6 was granted permission to reprint copies of four Aboriginal childhood health and wellness resources the FNHA had developed.  These included:

·          Parents as First Teachers

·          Growing Up Healthy

·          Fatherhood is Forever

·          Family Connections

Over 80,000 copies of these booklets were printed and distributed throughout BC through Credit Unions, Success By 6 coordinators and Aboriginal coordinators, Aboriginal communities and organizations, public health nurses and early childhood professionals. 

Indigenous Child and Youth Mental Health (MCFD)

The Ministry of Children and Family Development's Child and Youth Mental Health (ICYMH) team in Nanaimo provides a range of mental health assessment and treatment options for children and youth (0-19 years of age) and their families at no cost. Our clinics are staffed by mental health clinicians, outreach support workers, and psychiatrists.

Our mental health services are voluntary and are designed to support children and youth who experience significant difficulties related to their thoughts, feelings and behaviours.  Counselling services are provided individually to youth, children, parents, and also to families and in group therapy formats.  We offer services in office or on an outreach basis in the community.

Contact our office Monday to Friday from 9am-12pm or 1-4pm at 250-741-5701 to enquire about setting up an intake for you or your child.

During COVID-19, our office is open and all our services continue to be available including: Intake, Psychiatry and 1:1 therapy, however we are providing these services via telephone or Skype or Zoom.

We are in the process of contacting all our wait listed clients and offering support to the families whether that be resources, worksheets for the children or parents and weekly/biweekly check in. We will also be soon offering a Zoom Parent Group to our clients. If you would like to refer a child please contact me or our main line at 250-741-5701 and we will assist you with organizing or supplying the information to have an Intake completed.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kelley Rollier

301-190 Wallace St.

250-740-3023 Direct Line

250-668-8043 Cell

Email:  kelley.rollier@gov.bc.ca

Snuneymuxw First Nation

The Snuneymuxw are a vibrant First Nation of the Coast Salish People, located in the centre of Coast Salish territory on the eastern coast of Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands, and the Fraser River in the Canadian province of British Columbia. Snuneymuxw territory encompasses one of the most productive and resource rich areas at the heart of the Salish Sea.

They have 266 hectares of reserve land spread over four small reserves on the shores of Nanaimo Harbour and Nanaimo River and two tiny reserves at Gabriola Island, with a population of over 1,700.

Phone Number: 250-740-2300

Website: http://www.snuneymuxw.ca/

Métis Family Connections Program


Métis means a person who self-identifies as Métis, is distinct from other Aboriginal peoples, is of historic Métis Nation Ancestry and who is accepted by the Métis Nation.  

According to Statistics Canada, there are nearly 90,000 Métis people in BC.  More than 20,000 are registered Métis Nation British Columbia Citizens.

Métis Nation British Columbia represents thirty-eight (38) Métis Chartered Communities in British Columbia. 

Métis Nation British Columbia’s mandate is to develop and enhance opportunities for Métis communities by implementing culturally relevant, social, and economic programs, and services. 

Through this mandate Métis Nation British Columbia has developed the Métis Family Connections Program. A provincial program free to Métis families with children birth to 8 years of age.

Métis Family Connections Program provides Métis Family Connections Navigators throughout the regions of the Province to connect with Métis families, through phone, email, video, and in community.

The Métis Family Connections Navigators can assist families in connecting to early intervention services, early years programs, community programs and events. This is depending on the needs of the family. However, most importantly connecting Métis families to their culture. This is provided through cultural mail outs, Métis family camps, and connections to Métis chartered communities and Métis Family services.

Métis children birth to 8 years old are eligible. They can be Métis citizens or self identify Métis. For more information or to enrol email metisearlyyears@mnbc.ca . or contact the Métis Family Connections Region 1 – Vancouver Island and Powell River Navigator Gina Coutts @ gcoutts@mnbc.ca or  250-735-4768.

Mid-Island Metis Nation

The Mid-Island Métis Nation is a 1,000 person strong community of Aboriginal people living the values of our Métis Heritage through community engagement, education, economic development and cultural sharing. We are a very proud people with a rich and significant past, and an exciting future.

Phone Number: 250-740-0223

Website: http://midislandmetisnation.weebly.com/

Tillicum Lelum Aboriginal Friendship Centre

The Tillicum Lelum Aboriginal Friendship Centre promotes justice, fairness and equality for Aboriginal people through a holistic approach to programming and services.

They have been providing services in our community since 1965. Over the years, they have grown from a coffee drop-in to an agency which offers; Educational and Training Programs, Health & Counselling Services, Social Service Programs and a wide variety of special cultural events and activities in the community.

Phone Number: 250-753-4417

Website: http://www.tillicumlelum.ca/

Nanaimo Youth Services Association

Nanaimo Youth Services Association (NYSA) is a community based, not for profit, charitable society. They have provided a range of residential and non-residential services to vulnerable youth in the Nanaimo Regional District since our incorporation in 1969.

NYSA provides social support to vulnerable, ‘at risk’ youth for the challenges they face on a day-to-day basis. Every program service offered is free and incorporates an effective element of basic life skills, practical employment readiness training and health education features that assist in equipping youth to participate and be fully included in the life of community.

Phone Number: 250-754-1989

Website: http://www.nysa.bc.ca/

Nanaimo Aboriginal Centre

Phone Number:  250-585-0947

Website:  https://www.nanaimoaboriginalcentre.ca

Email:  info@nanaimoaboriginalcentre.ca

The Nanaimo Aboriginal Centre and their programs recognize the traditional territory of the Snuneymuxw First Nation: upon their territory we live, work, learn and play.

Nanaimo Aboriginal Centre is a non-profit organization, our work focuses on education, culture and family.  While all of our programs and services are designed with the urban Indigenous community in mind, all of our programs are services are open to anyone living in Nanaimo. 

Our vision is to support the realization of a 100% high school graduation rate for Aboriginal students in Nanaimo/Ladysmith.  We believe a 100% Aboriginal grad rate is achievable, but it requires a strategic focus, one that begins at birth, one that is built on respectful partnerships with the private and public sectors, one that places a priority on culture/language, one that sets high standards and defines success in a manner that is measurable.

Nanaimo Aboriginal Centre (Nisaika Kumtuks Learning Centre)

Phone Number:  778-268-1247

Principal: Heather Goodall

Nisaika Kumtuks is a satellite classroom from Ray Watkins Elementary in Gold River.  It is located inside the Boys and Girls Club at #20 Fifth Street, Nanaimo.  It opened in September 2014.  It is a multi-age classroom K-7 that considers the needs of all learners based on an Aboriginal pedagogic framework.

The program is based on an Aboriginal Pedagogy framework, which creates a learning environment supportive of all learners.  Learning spaces are inclusive, where students have opportunities to engage in high quality, self-directed learning.  Each child’s needs are assessed and addressed so that each child has the opportunity to grow as a learner every day.

Nisaika Kumtuks Learning Centre is a place where learning is cherished, celebrated and expected.  It is a place where Indigenous culture is celebrated and experienced.

All students are welcome, although space is limited.

Nanaimo Aboriginal Centre (Munu Learning Centre)

Phone Number:  250-591-0798

Nanaimo Aboriginal Centre opened the doors to our new child care centre, Munu Learning Centre, in March 2019. Munu is the word for child (daughter or son) in the local Hul’qumi’num language.

Located at 20 Fifth Street, Nanaimo BC V9R 1M7, Munu Learning Centre is a full-day Licensed Aboriginal Head Start program for Indigenous children 3 to 5 years of age.

We create an environment in which the children, families, employees, and volunteers participate in activities on a daily basis.

Our cultural approach will focus on the Aboriginal cultures and languages of the children attending our Centre. We also provide opportunities where Elders, knowledge keepers, families, and parents participate and share their culture with the children and staff.

Nanaimo Aboriginal Centre (Aboriginal Supported Child Development Program)

Phone Number: 250-585-0947

Cell Number: 250-816-2504


Breana Curnow – Coordinator – bcurnow@nanaimoaboriginalcentre.ca

Celia Smith – Consultant – csmith@nanaimoaboriginalcentre.ca

Aboriginal Supported Child Development (ASCD) is a program that is designed specially to meet the needs of Indigenous children. This is a free program that takes place in various child care settings in the Nanoose to Ladysmith area. The ASCD program is guided by promoting inclusive environments that foster respect in honoring Aboriginal ways of knowing.  ASCD program provides services to Indigenous children who are between birth to 12 year of age that need support in any of the following areas physical, cognitive, communication, social/emotional, behavioural development. 

Snuneymuxw Hulit Lelum

The Health Department objective is to support adults, elders, children, and families who live on reserve by providing preventative services and advocacy. The primary work of the Health Centre focuses on Children and Youth, Mental Health and Addictions, Primary Health Care, Chronic Illness Prevention, Communicable Disease Control, and Environmental Health and Management.

Snuneymuxw Hulit Lelum: 


Aboriginal Infant Development Program: 250-740-2337

Contact: ykakutani@snuneymuxw.ca

Snuneymuxw Health Centre (Snuneymuxw Day care)

The Daycare Department objective is to meet the developmental needs of all children for whom care is provided. The goal is to use a holistic approach, which reflects Snuneymuxw culture, to assist them in developing their potential: socially, physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.

The Snuneymuxw Daycare is licensed to provide care to infants, toddlers and preschoolers by Community Care Facilities Licensing.

Phone Number: 250-740-2335

Website: http://www.snuneymuxw.ca/administration

Snuneymuxw Health Centre (Aboriginal Infant Development Program)

The Aboriginal Infant Development Program's Mission is to honor this gift by supporting the development of Aboriginal children within the context of family, community, and culture and by offering access to culturally appropriate early intervention programming.

Phone Number: 250-740-2348

Nustumaat Lelum day care (Stz’uminus First Nation, Ladysmith)

The Education Department of the Stz’uminus First Nation is committed to helping SFN members to achieve their educational goals and aspirations through the delivery of quality educational programs and services. The Department, headed by the Director of Education and staffed with highly qualified and motivated employees, provides educational programming for a variety of age groups, from pre-schoolers to adults. It currently operates a daycare, primary school, middle school, secondary school and college. It also supports students attending a wide variety of educational institutions in the province.

Phone Number: 250-245-0994

First Nations Health Authority

The First Nations Health Authority aims to reform the way health care is delivered to BC First Nations to close these gaps and improve health and wellbeing.

This new health authority has taken over the administration of federal health programs and services previously  delivered by Health Canada's First Nations Inuit Health Branch – Pacific Region, and to work with the province and First Nations to address service gaps through new partnerships, closer collaboration, and health systems innovation.

Inter Tribal Health Authority

The Inter Tribal Health Authority is a leader in providing quality health programs and services, inclusive of cultural and traditional values; collaborating with Member Nations by empowering and supporting First Nations people in community development, effective partnerships and advocacy ensuring equality in health standards, funding and innovation.

Phone Number: 250-753-3990

Website: http://www.itha.ca/

Email: info@itha.ca

Inter Tribal Health Authority (Maternal Child Health Program)

The Maternal Child Health Program (MCH) works with families in First Nations communities who are pregnant or parenting children under the age of seven (7). Currently the MCH Program works in Homalco, Penelakut, Snaw-naw-as and Tseycum.

Inter Tribal Health Authority (SOAR Mentoring Program)

The SOAR Program works with women who are either pregnant or parenting a baby up to the age of six (6) months when they start working with their mentor. Women entering the SOAR Program are usually from or connected with an ITHA community and may have experienced concerns with alcohol or other substances, trauma, housing, mental health issues, or involvement with the Ministry for Children and Family Development (MCFD).

Strong Nations

Strong Nations is considered to be one of the largest Indigenous book stores in North America. It is with commitment and passion that they continue to bring the best Indigenous resources to all Nations.

Phone Number: 1-888-278-2202

Website: www.strongnation.com

Uy'Sqwalawun Childcare Center

A Licensed Childcare Center located in Nanoose Bay. We have an Infant Toddler room licensed for 10 and the Preschool/Daycare room licensed for 16.

Phone Number: 250-390-0003

Email: headstart@nanoose.org

Quick Summary

Organizations and Services
Contact information

 Website link
 Snuneymuxw First Nation 250-740-2300  http://www.snuneymuxw.ca/
 Mid-Island Métis Nation 250-740-0223  http://midislandmetisnation.weebly.com/
 Tillicum Lelum Friendship Centre 250-753-4417  http://www.tillicumlelum.ca/
 Nanaimo Youth Services Association (NYSA)250-754-1989 http://www.nysa.bc.ca/
 Nanaimo Aboriginal Centre 250-754-3215
- Nisaika Kumtuks Elementary Centre
250-754-3215 x28
- Aboriginal HIPPY Program
Aboriginal Day Care
Early Years Outreach
Early Literacy Program
 Snuneymuxw Health Centre 250-740-2337  http://www.snuneymuxw.ca/department/
- Snuneymuxw Day Care
250-740-2335  http://www.snuneymuxw.ca/administration
- Aboriginal Infant Development Program (at Snuneymux Health Centre)
Nustumaat Lelum day care (Stz’uminus First Nation, Ladysmith) 250-245-0994  
Indigenous Child and Youth Mental Health (MCFD)


First Nations Health Authority    http://www.fnha.ca/what-we-do/maternal
Inter-Tribal Health Authority 250-753-3990
Maternal Child Health Program
250-753-3990 ext. 254

SOAR Mentoring Program
250-753-3990 ext. 254 http://www.itha.ca/insidepages/programs_
 Strong Nations, Terry Mack1-888-278-2202www.strongnation.com
 Uy'Sqwalawun Child Care Center 250-390-0003

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