Early Learning and Development

Adventures in Early Literacy - Ladysmith Resources Centre Association  

Adventures in Early Literacy sprung out of the Mother Goose program. Many parents and caregivers took notice of the benefits of the Mother Goose program and wanted a program that met the needs of preschool aged children and that continued to promote socialization and early literacy skills for children.

Each week is based on a different children’s story with age appropriate crafts, games, snacks & songs. During the session of the program, parents sit in a circle on the floor with their children, and are actively involved during craft and snack time in the kitchen. They begin with songs, then read a book, have a game, do crafts, have a snack, and end with songs once more.

Phone Number: 250-245-3079

Website: http://www.lrca.bc.ca

Best Chance 

This website is filled with up-to-date and practical information, useful tools and resources for women, expectant parents, and families with babies and toddlers up to 3 years of age.


Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Vancouver Island - Family Resource Programs

Family Place is a facilitated drop-in program for children birth to six years and their parents/caregivers.  It has been running successfully at the Chase River Club since 2010 and at the Lantzville Club since 1994.

Parents/Caregivers learn different ways to play with their children and build on these experiences and their relationship with their child. The program gives children early experiences interacting with their peers and opportunities to learn new skills such as sharing, conflict resolution, large and small gross motor skill development and creative expression.

Parents have access to community resources, pamphlets, parent magazines, workshop and support group information. The facilitator arranges for monthly guest speakers such as a community nutritionist, dental hygienist and speech and language pathologist.

Phone Number: 250-754-3215

Website: http://www.bgccvi.com

Cerebral Palsy Group

The Cerebral Palsy Group is an organization that provides free educational information and support to those who have been affected by cerebral palsy.

Cerebral Palsy Guide

Cerebral Palsy Guide provides free educational materials, financial options and support to help those across the country affected by this disorder. Let us help you find medical options, emotional support and financial assistance through legal claims. Learn more about what’s available to you and get the support you need.

Phone Number: 1-855-329-1008

Website: http://www.cerebralpalsyguide.com/

Child Development & Rehabilitation

A Great family resource page. http://www.childdevelopment.ca/family.aspx

Early Years—StrongStart Early Learning Centres.

StrongStart is a school-based, free, drop in program for families with young children (aged 0-5). Parents/caregivers accompany their child in play-based early learning activities. The provincial StrongStart program is in place to help prepare children for success in Kindergarten. Children will be registered into the program during their first visit.  Please bring your child’s birth certificate to your first visit.

Due to the recent in-class suspension of schools, StrongStart Centres are currently closed. In response to the new context of “working from home” our 8 StrongStart Facilitators have created Facebook Pages or Groups that they are using to share resources and connect with families online. To find the StrongStart that you have or will be attending in the future, on Facebook please search the following terms below listed in red.

*      Bayview Elementary School (FB Search: Bayview Strongstart)
140 View Street, Nanaimo; 754-3231
Monday to Friday 8:45 to 11:45 a.m.

*      Cedar Elementary School (FB Search: Cedar Elementary Strong Start Facilitator 2019-2020)
2215 Gould Rd., Nanaimo; 722-2722
Monday to Friday 8:45 to 11:45 a.m.

*      Fairview Community School (FB Search: Fairview Strongstart)
205 Howard Ave., Nanaimo; 753-3418
Monday to Friday 9:00 until 12:00 p.m.

*      Frank J Ney Elementary School (FB Search: Frank J Ney StrongStart)
5301 Williamson Rd, Nanaimo, 729-8045
Monday to Friday 9:00 until 12:00 p.m.

*      Georgia Avenue Community School (FB Search: Georgia Avenue Strong Start)
625 Georgia Ave., Nanaimo; 753-1044
Monday to Friday 9:30 to 12:30 a.m.

*      Ladysmith Primary School (FB Search: Ladysmith Primary StrongStart)
510 Sixth Ave., Ladysmith, 245-3912
Monday to Friday 8:45 to 11:45 a.m.

*      McGirr Elementary School (FB Search: McGirr Elementary School StrongStart)
6199 McGirr Road, Nanaimo; 758-8946
Monday to Friday 8:45 until 11:45 a.m.

*      Quarterway Elementary School (FB Search: Quarterway Strong Start)
1632 Bowen Road, Nanaimo, 754-6845
Monday to Friday 12:30 until 3:30 p.m.

Phone Number: 250-754-5521

Website: http://www.sd68.bc.ca

NLPS Early Years Contact: Jane Carrol jcarroll@sd68.bc.ca

First Steps and Beyond – Early Years Booklet

Each year for the past 7 years the Credit Unions of BC have donated 25 cents per member per year to Success By 6.  These funds are directed towards projects that help build awareness of the importance of the early years. 

This year we developed a new resource for parents

.  The First Steps and Beyond booklets are filled with helpful information for new parents including:

         - stages of development from birth to six years,

         - activities for encouraging development at all stages,

         - recognizing when to seek help if you have questions about your child’s development,

         - early dental, hearing and vision care,

         - nutrition and food, safety, taking care of yourself,

         - a simple kindergarten checklist and preparing your child for kindergarten.

Over 100,000 copies of the booklet were printed and distributed throughout BC through Credit Unions, Success By 6 coordinators, public health nurses and early childhood professionals.


The Hanen Centre is a Canadian not-for-profit charitable organization committed to supporting parents, early childhood educators and speech-language pathologists in their efforts to promote the best possible language, social and literacy skills in young children.


Island Family Information

This website was developed collaboratively by the four child care resource and referral programs (CCRRs) located on Vancouver Island with the purpose of providing accurate and up-to-date information for families with children ages 12 and under.

Phone Number:  250-756-2022

Website: http://vancouverislandccrr.ca

Ladysmith Resources Centre Association (Adventures in Early Literacy)

Their mission is to co-ordinate, and provide services and information to enhance the quality of life in Ladysmith and surrounding community. Programs include:

Adventures in Early Literacy

Ladysmith Dads' Drop-in Program

Phone Number: 250-245-3079

Website: http://www.lrca.bc.ca

Ladysmith Resources Centre Association (Ladysmith Dads' Drop-in Program)

This is a drop-in event for new dads and their kids that takes place on Saturday mornings from 10 a.m. to 12 noon. A breakfast is served from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.; activities and discussion follow from 11-12 noon. It offers new dads a chance to practice new ways of relating to their children, to meet other new dads, and to share information about fathering and parenting in a very low-pressure format.

Phone Number: 250-245-3079

Website: http://www.lrca.bc.ca

LaFF Ladysmith Family Resource Program

Ladysmith Family and Friends (LaFF) provides a safe, inclusive, accessible, supportive environment where parents and caregivers of children 0 to 6 years old meet to promote the development of happy, healthy, and nurturing families through interactive play, as well as family related resources and programs.

Phone Number: 250-210-0870

Website: http://www.familyandfriends.ca

Literacy Central Vancouver Island

Their mission is to promote, encourage and enhance literacy skills for children, adults, families and in the workplace, through the ongoing support of coordinators, tutors and mentors.

Click HERE to view the Nanaimo and Ladysmith Literacy-Related Support Services Directory 2016

Phone Number: 250-754-8988

Website: http://www.literacycentralvi.org

Make Believe Play

A PDF printout for families Make Believe Play Click for PDF

Nanaimo Child Development Centre

The Nanaimo Child Development Centere promotes optimum child development by serving children with developmental needs and their families. Their vision is an inclusive community where children and youth with developmental needs, and their families, are able to achieve their potential without experiencing barriers. Families are supported to ensure their children are happy, successful, accepted by their peers and contribute to their community with the gifts they bring.

Services provided by the Child Development Centre are based on the philosophy that children have the right to quality services which facilitate their optimum development and that early recognition and prompt intervention can enhance a child’s ability. In family centered programs, all policies and practices are based on an underlying set of principles regarding our relationships with families.

Phone Number: 250-753-0251

Website: http://www.nanaimocdc.com

Parent-Child Mother Goose ProgramĀ®

As parents and family support professionals we all want to connect with infants and young children to support their social, cognitive, and emotional development.

There is nothing more important than the bond between parent and child. The Parent-Child Mother Goose ProgramĀ® builds on this essential relationship by introducing parents and children to the pleasure and power of using rhymes, songs, and stories together. Research shows that parents who talk, sing, and read to their children from infancy give their children a tremendous advantage.

The Parent-Child Mother Goose Program has been helping families and professionals across Canada enhance the parent-child relationship for more than 20 years.

Gabriola Phone Number: 250-247-8730

Website: http://www.gabriolahopecentre.com

Ladysmith Phone Number: 250-245-3079

Website: http://www.lrca.bc.ca

Nanaimo Phone Number: 250-756-2022

Website: www.pacific-care.bc.ca

Science of Early Childhood Development

The B.C. government, through the Provincial Office for the Early Years, has invested in a provincial access license to the Science of Early Childhood Development (SECD) multi-media online resource.

Professionals, parents, post-secondary students and anyone within the province now have free access to evidence-based resources to help them understand child development and opportunities to support children to grow and thrive.

The license allows the resources to be used for a variety of purposes, including professional development, staff training sessions, parent education and discussion in classes and workshops. 

The resource can be accessed at: content.scienceofecd.com/bcaccess

Snuneymuxw First Nation Administration

Provide administrative, human resources, membership, finance, and IT services for all departments of Snuneymuxw First Nation as well as Chief and Council.

The Administration has the authority to distribute funds and remains responsible for all core operations, including the delivery of programs and services on reserve. 

Phone Number: 250-740-2300

Website: http://www.snuneymuxw.ca

Speech Language Program – Nanaimo Health Centre

The Speech-Language Program sees preschool-aged children who live in the Nanaimo and Ladysmith regions, and who require speech-language services.  Children needing services in addition to speech and language therapy, such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, psychological assessment, social work, and support for hearing impairment, are referred to  Nanaimo Child Development Centre where their speech and language therapy is provided in conjunction with other services.

Phone Number: 250-739-6827

Website: http://www.viha.ca

Stz’uminus Health Centre

The Stz’uminus Health Centre provides programs and services to maintain and improve the overall health and well-being of the Stz’uminus band and community members.  This includes physical health as well as mental and social health.  Their services are designed to cover prenatal clients to Elders, with  programs consisting of community health, mental health and home care. The doors are generally open between 9am and 4 pm Monday to Friday.  Feel free to come in any time to enquire about our programs and services.

Phone Number:  250-245-7155

Website: http://www.cfnation.com

Tillicum Haus Aboriginal Friendship Centre

Offers educational and training programs, health and counselling services and social services programs as well as a wide variety of support groups and special events and activities for children, youth, women, men, families and the community. 

Health Programs: 

- Community Health Program (nurses, medical insurance not required) 

- STD and HIV/AIDS Testing and Support 

- Diabetic Support 

- Aboriginal Hospital Liaison Worker 

Phone Number: 250-753-6578

Website: http://www.tillicumlelum.ca

Vancouver Island Regional Library

Help your child get ready to read!

Parents and caregivers play an integral part in the development of children’s early literacy skills. The library offers a number of resources for parents and caregivers to help children develop language and pre-reading skills starting at birth.

Vancouver Island Regional Library is offering online programming for children during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Storytime - Families are encouraged to join the library’s Storytime Corner Facebook Group. New storytimes are posted at 10:30 AM every Monday and Friday. New Babytimes are posted every Tuesday at 10:30 AM.

Want to visit a library in person? Library branches are now open for walkthrough service. Borrow books, take home Grab & Go bags and more! Library cards are FREE! Please click on your local branch below (or phone us!) for specific details about each branch, including hours:

Gabriola Island Library: 250-247-7878

Ladysmith Library: 250-245-2322

Nanaimo Harbourfront Library: 250-753-1154

Nanaimo Wellington Library: 250-758-5544

Nanaimo North Library: 250-933-BOOK (2665)

Vancouver Island Regional Library

Help your child get ready to read!

Parents and caregivers play an integral part in the development of children’s early literacy skills. The library offers a number of resources for parents and caregivers to help children develop language and pre-reading skills starting at birth.

Gabriola Island Library

Ladysmith Library

Nanaimo Harbourfront Library

Nanaimo Wellington Library

Nanaimo North Library

Website: http://www.virl.bc.ca

Phone Numbers:

Gabriola Island Library: 250-247-7878

Ladysmith Library: 250-245-2322

Nanaimo Harbourfront Library: 250-753-1154

Nanaimo Wellington Library: 250-758-5544

Nanaimo North Library: 250-933-BOOK (2665)

Zero to Three 

includes information regarding child development from birth to age three.


Quick Summary

 Adventures in Early Literacy
      -Ladysmith Resources Centre Association  

 Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Vancouver  Island
      -Family Resource Programs
 Cerebral Palsy Guide  1-855-329-1008 http://www.cerebralpalsyguide.com/
 Early Years Program, School District #68
      -StrongStart Centres
      -Bayview StrongStart  250-754-5521 http://www.sd68.bc.ca
      -Fairview StrongStart  250-754-5521 http://www.sd68.bc.ca
      -Georgia Avenue StrongStart  250-754-5521 http://www.sd68.bc.ca
      -Ladysmith Primary StrongStart  250-754-5521 http://www.sd68.bc.ca
      -McGirr StrongStart  250-754-5521 http://www.sd68.bc.ca
      -Quarterway StrongStart  250-754-5521 http://www.sd68.bc.ca
      -Rutherford StrongStart  250-754-5521 http://www.sd68.bc.ca
      -Woodbank StrongStart  250-754-5521 http://www.sd68.bc.ca
 Island Family Information   250-756-2022  http://vancouverislandccrr.ca
 Ladysmith Resources Centre Association  250-245-3079  http://www.lrca.bc.ca
      -Adventures in Early Literacy  250-245-3079  http://www.lrca.bc.ca
      -Dads Group  250-245-3079  http://www.lrca.bc.ca
 LaFF Ladysmith Family Resource Program  250-210-0870  http://www.familyandfriends.ca
 Literacy Central Vancouver Island  250-754-8988  http://www.literacycentralvi.org
 Nanaimo Child Development Centre  250-753-0251  http://www.nanaimocdc.com
 Parent-Child Mother Goose Program    http://www.nald.ca/mothergooseprogram
      -Gabriola  250-247-8730  http://www.gabriolahopecentre.com
      -Ladysmith Resource Centre Association  250-245-3079  http://www.lrca.bc.ca
      -Nanaimo (PacificCARE)  250-756-2022  
 Snuneymuxw First Nation Administration  250-740-2300  http://www.snuneymuxw.ca
 Speech and Language Pathology
      -Nanaimo Health Centre
 Stz'uminus First Nation  250-245-7155  http://www.cfnation.com
 Tillicum Llum Health Centre  250-753-6578  http://www.tillicumlelum.ca
 Vancouver Island Regional Libraries    http://www.virl.bc.ca
      -Gabriola Island Library   250-247-7878  http://www.virl.bc.ca
      -Ladysmith Library  250-245-2322  http://www.virl.bc.ca
      -Nanaimo Harbourfront Library  250-753-1154  http://www.virl.bc.ca
      -Nanaimo Wellington Library  250-758-5544  http://www.virl.bc.ca
      -Naniamo North Library  250-933-BOOK (2665)  http://www.virl.bc.ca

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